Friday, February 23, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Review

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Review



Note 5 box

Galaxy Note 5 Packaging


Hello, readers. Today I want to give you a review on my experience with the recent update of the Galaxy Note 5 to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). I’ve been checking for this upgrade for a while, I’ve been running the new update since March 10th. I am really surprised that Verizon Wireless is the first Carrier in the United States to push this update out. Here is a NOTE OF CAUTION, First of all, if you are planning on installing the upgrade and you use Samsung Kies or Smart Switch to transfer or backup your phone, please do so prior to installing Marshmallow. I lost some important voice notes, because of the updates erratic behavior prior to a system data reset.

Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


I tell you to backup prior to installing because my installation had so many issues from rapid sporadic restarts, not being able to attach to my computer etc. All of which was fixed by doing a factory data reset. The factory data reset apparently was able to fix all issues, now the Note 5 runs extremely perfect, even better than before. I will talk about the most noticeable feature improvements and my opinion on this post.

Improvement Time for the Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner on the Note 5 seemed decent prior to the install of the new software, but it was not on the iPhone 6S’s level. But I can see a huge difference post-update, I am not sure what changes and tweaks Samsung have made to the algorithm in order for it to work so much faster and smoother, in most instances, it is almost instant. Sometimes I have to wonder if it was locked or did the scanner really work that fast. The speed is a major improvement.

Application Permissions

In Android 6.0, those of you who dread giving an application all those permissions upon install can now rest assure and have a little more faith in Android. Prior to the update apps were allowed to use any permission you granted at install (which was mandatory to accept in order to install). Now Apps must request permission to use feature prior to doing so if you are not comfortable with an app accessing your contacts just simply deny access to the dialog prompt. This is a feature I really like.
There are a few subtle changes to the overall theme nothing major, but it is most noticeable in the drop-down menu, which I have a screenshot to illustrate, I think it is a much-needed upgrade. You also now get a built-in flashlight icon, you no longer have to download one from the android market.


Thoughts on the Upgrade

My overall experience with the new upgrade to Android 6.0 has been pretty amazing once I resolved the initial bugs. The UI has been flawless and has shown no lag at all thus far, it somehow even seems faster. I am happy and impressed by Google’s continued innovation in the Smartphone arena. If you are a Galaxy Note 5 user on Verizon you will love the upgrade, it is surprising that Verizon is the first Carrier to update the Note 5 in the U.S. I hope you enjoy your upgrade, I will post more updates as my test of Android 6.0 continues.

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