Friday, February 23, 2018

Is Android better than IOS? — You Decide

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There has been the mighty battle of IPhone Users Vs. Android Users and not even more targeted to IPhone Vs. Samsung Galaxy line.  Both brands and Operating systems are great, each has its pros and cons.  Both platforms have its own mass of fanboys and fangirls.  But which platform is truly better?  Does the fact that Apple has decided to order 100 million Super AMOLED displays for a future IPhone from Samsung mean that Apple believes that Samsung has superior screens than they do?  Both platforms are unique yet similar, Android boast about being open source which has LED the way for many innovations that Apple has decided to adopt over time, NFC payments is one example which Android had first followed by IOS’s, Apple Pay.

What Makes Android better

Google acquired Android back in 2007 for the estimated sum of $50,000,000.  Google boast that this acquisitions is one of the best they have ever made.   Since then Google has continued to make improvements and innovate features for Android. Android is normally the leader in the market with new features out of the gate.  the willingness to innovate and take chances has made Android the leader in the industry at the moment.


What makes IOS better

While many Android fans would hate to admit, the way IOS is configured is better on RAM and runs more efficiently.  For example, most IPhone only have to have 2 Gigs of RAM, to get the same level of production Android devices normally need 3 or more Gigs to be just as efficient.  I would assume this technology does save Apple money in the long run.  Apple’s fandom is also very loyal, but its not impossible for them to switch over to an Android device, as you can see in Apples stock at the moment.  Eventually people get tired of upgrading every year for a device that’s almost exactly the same as the previous with one or two minor upgrades.


It all comes down for your general preference.  Some love the openness of Android along with the innovations, while others prefer the trendiness and the fashion statement that the IPhone represents, you are cool if you have one clique.

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